Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fiber577 Private opening, Today and Tomorrow

Last night was the private opening for Fiber577 at the 577 Foundation in Perrysburg, Ohio.  This is the first show where all three of the pieces I entered had been juried in, so I had to try to make it.  Being busy this weekend, I was excited that the had an invite-only event last night.  It was a great start to my weekend.  My fiber-friend Brittany and I met half way in Ann Arbor at Findings bead store (good start to a mini road trip).  Then drove together down to Perrysburg. 
The three pieces that were accepted were:

The 577 Foundation has amazing grounds and gardens, along with various workshop spaces (which were closed, but we walked around and peeked in).  Downtown Perrysburg is adorable.  We decided to explore a little bit and ended up at Stella's to relax a bead some before we got back on the road.
We got to chatting with a nice couple that was sitting outside next to us on our way out and I consequently left my credit card at Stella's and didn't realize until we were a half hour back into our trek home.  They're going to mail it, but couldn't add a tip without a signature.  I'm hoping that by mailing a check back I can get the tip to our very nice server!  I feel awful about that!
The Fiber 577 show is all weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  Then it moves to the Angelwood Gallery in Grand Rapids, OH.  We got to chat with Julie, the owner, and I will be sending her a grouping of beaded jewelry to go in her gallery while the show is up that compliments the three above pieces.
The show opens at Angelwood Gallery during the downtown's "ladies night" on June 20, 2013 and goes through July 21, 2013.
The work is not for sale this weekend, but is available for purchase at Angelwood Gallery.


Rebecca Mezoff said...

I love these pieces. Climbing is my favorite from the photos, but you never can tell... things hit you differently in person. I'm going to have to come see your new work next time I am in Michigan! I'm saving up for a bangle. :)

Jenny Schu said...

Climbing is actually one of my favorites too, but as you know, fiber is hard to photograph! Please let me know if you're in Michigan. :)

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