Thursday, June 20, 2013

People's Chioce Honorable Mention at Fiber577 and Opening at Angelwood Gallery tonight

Last week though all the skimming of my emails I nearly missed the announcement of the "People Choice" awards at the Fiber577 show.  Visitors to the show were invited to vote for their favorite pieces and "Small Leaf Panel in Blue" won an honorable mention!  Above is a photo by an artist-friend Michele Montour emailed over to me.  They hung this piece above a couch in a large window.  It was a really fun way of displaying it because it really shows off the translucence of the woven leaves and some of the see-through seed beads.

The full list of Award Winners are posted here:

Tomorrow is the opening of Fabulous Fibers, which is most of Fiber577 at Angelwood Gallery in Grand Rapids, OH.  It's in correlation with the town's "Girls Night Out" so if you're close, I'd head that way for a fun night out!

I shipped some jewelry over to Angelwood Gallery for the opening of this show and it looks like they are interested in carrying my work on a permanent basis. A sample of some of the work that is there currently is below:

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

I am continuously impressed by the wonderful work you do. Congrats on the honorable mention also.

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