Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth...

For a good portion of my childhood I did want my two front teeth (I got my 2 tooth implants finally when I was 19).  I don't need anything, but I don't go shopping as often as I used to and as I have been picking out things for people on my Christmas list I think of all the things I wouldn't mind getting myself because they are sooo cool (but I don't really need).

1)  Top on that list is one of Craig Mitchell Smith's amazing glass flowers.  One of the really really big ones that would stand out in my garden year round.  They are durable through the winter and glisten with color in the snow.  Actually, I want like 10 of them and I can quit planting flowers in the spring then.
Craig now has his own working studio space and gallery in the Meridian Mall so you can go pick out your favorite piece any time of the week! 

2) Addi Turbo Knitting Needles. Every knitter needs to at least try these.  Woven Art has amazing amazing yarns too, but I am best at purchasing yarn when I have a project in mind.  These knitting needles feel like butter in your hands and I really do feel that I knit faster with them.  I've been slowly replacing my old aluminum knitting needles with these guys as projects demand different sized needles.  I just bought the Click-it set which is 10 different sized needle tips that can click into 3 different lengths of circular wire. <3

3) October Moon has tons of cute gifts for the home (food-ie things, bath stuff, candles etc..) but they also have an amazing selection of my favorite purse brand: Hobo.  Beautiful, durable colored leather, yum!

4) Grace Boutique is right next door to October Moon.  I'm pretty sure you can't go wrong with anything from there.  I love all of their clothing and accessories! (The majority of my cocktail dresses I get from there.)

5) Grove Gallery Co-op: Of course, I'm biased because I show my work here, but we have guest artists in for all of November and December so we have quite the mix.  This year we're even selling gift certificates so if you know someone who should come in and pick something out for themselves you can send them over with that as a gift!

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