Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet Danielle

I have discovered that not only is it nice to have a kitty companion around the house to talk to while I create, but I take for granted how wonderful she is about tip-toeing around my piles of creativity.  She never, spills, eats, poops, or moves my beads.  Yarn and shoes may be moved around at night but really she's just into laying next to me while I bead and being cute.  It's hard to stay angry around this very tall, snuggly, vocal kitty.  Especially when you hear her loping to the back door when you're turning the key to come and greet you.  Yes, my cat greets people.  Please give Danielle scrubs.

These beads? I'm keeping them warm.

I'm not so sure about your color choice.

I should put up her past Halloween costumes at some point, any ideas for her 2010 costume??  Meow.

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