Thursday, July 1, 2010

Color Choice FAIL.

I picked up these dyed fuchsia stones while we were in Rome and have been dying to do something with them.  I need to make another "Leaves Between" Bangle after the green version sold at the Okemos Art Walk this past weekend and I figured, why not try it with this fuchsia stone with some tans?

As it was coming together I keep looking through my bead stash to find something that will work better for it.  Hrm.  This is what I started with:
As the project grew I was trying to stick to brown, tan, black, with fuchsia accents.  It continued to not work at all like I had planned.  My friend Abigail helped give me some suggestions: take out the black, add more brown, different sized/shaped beads....  I was determined to finish it while we were in the Upper Peninsula this weekend visiting friends.  But alas.  Sunday is when I decided it was best to stop beading on it.  I would put it on my wrist, crinkle my nose and pick something else to add.  Normally more is more to me (bigger, better, more bling, more visual excitement), but I guess sometimes more is worse.  Even the bead pile is unhealthy looking!

At the end of this exercise in "lets try something completely different than my norm," I decided that sticking to similar color tones is part of what is making these bangles work for me.  Maybe if I used a dark brown base, or a black base of the same tone as the fuchsia stone it would blend together and be less of an eyesore.  This will go into the "UFO" (UnFinished Objects) pile until I get the patience to take it apart to re-use it's pieces.  I'm moving on to a new piece that won't be so frustrating! 

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