Thursday, June 3, 2010

University of Michigan Art School Alumni Show Piece

The theme is "INTERSTICES: The Space Between" 

I took this theme as an opportunity to develop an idea I had sketched out a while back.  I have become known for my certain style of beaded bangle, the shape of which holds its own through delica beads peyote stitched together very tightly.  I wanted to take that known-shape and give it less of a graphed-out look.

I have been playing a lot with the Russian Leaf design and angular peyote after my workshop with Huib Petersen who encouraged me to get into some sculptural beadwork and had been wanting to intergrate these into my bangles.  My first one I finished after our Europe Trip, I thought I would show off my new pride-and-joy at the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild "Fashion Feast."  Anne Flora bought it. (flattering!)  So then I created a second, similair one to have at the "Taste of Art and Life" with the Greater Lansing Arts Council, then it was at the grove Gallery Co-op for the East Lansing Art Fair and Co-op member Deb Cholewicki purchased that one. (Also flattering!)

This new one has a totally different color scheme since I fell in love with these blue delica seed beads and large smooth stones that I picked up in Rome (see bottom photo).  It looks like a jungle to me with greens and vibrant colors blues with some neutral tones. This one will go up for sale at the Alumni Show, so I just get to wear this little lovely for the next two weeks before it gets dropped off.  Enjoy!

As the University of Michigan School of Art and Design Website states: "The exhibition — encompassing both Slusser Gallery in the Art and Architecture building and Work • Ann Arbor on State Street in downtown Ann Arbor — runs from July 16 - August 9, with an opening reception on July 23 during the Ann Arbor Art Fair."

The Beginings of it. Finished on June 2, 2010!

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