Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My best excuse to go shopping: Inspiration

Over the years I have discovered that some of my designs come to me best when I buy a fun new piece of clothing.  The most recent 2 bangles that I created fall into this realm of getting inspired.  This piece is called simply "Squared."  The other bangle to compliment my new top is still in-process.

Grace Boutique in Old Town Lansing had their "Swing into Spring" shopping party (follow her on Facebook for Event info!).  An evening of open-later-than-usual-shop-in-a-cute-boutique-and-sip-champagne event where the new styles are all out and ready to try on.  I absolutely could not pass up this top!

Above is the second bangle I made in this design, with earrings.  Below is the original one that has already found a home!

I'm hoping this will be a fun-lasting design that I can swap the colors out for comission pieces.  The more simplistic design is making it easy to wear with about anything.

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