Friday, April 23, 2010

I teach and give small workshops too!

I have been beading for 20 years and have succesfully taught many a friend and students the peyote stitch.  I would love to branch out with people who are interested in learning to do beadweaving of all kinds.

If you have never threaded a bead in your life or you have been beading for a while and would like to work on some new stitches or patterns I can help.  One on one students are welcome, small workshops (10 people or less), or even a project for a party/girls night in (guys can bead too!) I would love to teach you what I can in the time we have. If you have something in mind that you want to make yourself contact me and we can set up a time to work on your project!

This includes 12 years old and up.  I would like my students to be able to thread a needle. I say this because beadweaving can be tedious and threading the needle is peanuts in comparison to what I can teach you (I have had students over the years that can't quite get past this hump, so practice practice practice!  You won't want to go home and bead more if I've been threading the needle for you!).

My rates are as follows**

BOYB (Bring your own beads), I can supply you with a list of what you will need.
$25 per person for the first hour (per day), $10 per person for each hour thereafter

If you would like me to supply the beads, thread and needle for the project that's no problem!  A kit can range from $10-$50 depending on what you want to make.

Would you like to learn some bead techniques but are not sure what you would like to make?  Here are some ideas:

Basic Peyote Stitch:
4 or 6 bead wide bracelet working in even peyote, with clasp
3+ hours ($45+)
$12 for the kit

Russian leaf earrings: *You should already know peyote stitch for this one
2 hours for the workshop ($35)
$10 for the kit

**This is my base rate.  I may be able to work with pricing with a larger group or party.

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