Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beadwork and Model Magic

(Midsummer's Fairy Dream Necklace with 1 Blue Beaded Blob, 2010)

I am falling in love with beading around Model Magic!  I did my show-and-tell for the first time with the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild and found much interest in the Model Magic that I have started using to create my own shapes to bead around.

My thought process was that beaded beads are really "in" right now, but I have no interest in beading around another bead, I did that a few times when I was young (like middle school) and got over it.  I did recently use this air-drying clay stuff recently for a larger piece ("Clambering")  I am finding that in that size it can be very fragile.  It's made by Crayola and called "Model Magic."  I plan on continuing to experiment with it but here are the earrings that I am having a great time wearing: 

And I am moving on to playing with more "twisty" shapes.  I have been fantasizing about getting into beaded sculpture for a while so I think this may be an oulet for me. 

More updates to come I'm sure!

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