Thursday, March 24, 2016

Simply Earrings

Pod Earring with Dangle $45.00

I have been weaving weaving weaving and now finishing my weaving.  Since the beaded edging was veto'd during the critique, I have stopped working on that (don't worry, it matches the next piece going on my loom!) and can move on the some nice, relaxing jewelry for my portable beading projects.

I've had Spring 2016 color beads pulled for a few months, and as I look at what's dropping for fashion design, there's a lot of neutrals.  I love neutrals.  I have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of designers weren't too excited about this year's pantone colors. So, here I am, excited to have just finished a pair of earrings.  Simple, sweet, a little sparkle.

I had a hard time photographing these this morning.  It's overcast and the natural light was doing funny things.  I think the top photo is best as far as true colors.  It's an eggshell white of sorts with pale brown/champagne swarovski crystals.

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