Thursday, August 28, 2014

Japan Vacation: Tokyo

Thanks mom for taking a picture of us headed into the airport! 

After a 13 hour flight and a nap we woke up ridiculous early in Japan and started exploring. 
(Do not feed the fish, Koi, or for that matter anything in any park)

A short walk from our hotel was this sculpture.  Dubbed the "golden poo" by locals.

I was really excited bout food here and after this particular meal, both of us were messed up (gory details if you ask me in person, but thanks Jenny Scroggins for the tip about carrying your own tissue for public bathrooms!)

This is all water behind us with these crazy beautiful huge water plants taking over the water part of the park.

Balcony outside one of the temples.

This picture is completely Lynne Bruning fault. Sewer covers with great detail abound.

So we had breakfast, no coffee. But in Tokyo there's vending drink machines on at least every corner. We were surprised to get a hot drink from vending, like really hot,  hard to hold in your hand. The ones with screw tops are the cold ones.

This doesn't even begin to explain the hub of anime, stores and tech that we were overwhelmed with, seriously, so much tech, dvd, comic, slots & pincho, lights....we were just looking for a coffee shop!

We then headed for the green space on my Google maps. The Gardens of the Imperial Palace. So many fruit trees! Walking up what's left of the original palace, it's a very similar feeling to the fort at St. Augustine in Florida....where we were literally a year ago on Zack birthday, coincidence? Probably. But it's the same era.
This is part of the gardens, but there were a number of birds....definitely a heron, and a few questionables. Which made me drag Zack into a book sto
He didn't believe I could find the bird section....visual I can do, I rarely look at words for anything ever. Japan bookstore bird book? Done and done.  For myself, I couldn't find a defining Sailor Moon manga...I'm a bit embarrassed to ask she trolling the teeny bopper section! I'll be looking into it, the only new Sailor Moon Crystal hype in print was fan fiction.
Umbrellas are a thing, so is bicycling!  The bikes are amazing here, so is the gear. But the classy umbrella holder... <3

This is the train station, also pretty much a mall. It's hard to focus getting through!

Zack's box lunch choice was a win.

And trains abroad are....easier and cleaner and classier, I wish I had bullet trains in the US.

Rice fields from the train, it was going too fast to get the egrets. ..

On to Kyoto!

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Looks amazing!!! Thanks for all the photos.

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