Saturday, May 24, 2014

Blueberry View Artists Retreat Final Notes

Uprooted 2: Big Ugly

So Uprooted 2: Big Ugly is the piece that I finished while at Blueberry View.  I was worried that these pieces would take so long I wouldn't get one done, but being away from home, distractions, office work etc made it possible to do such a feat!  This is part of my Uprooted Series, but it has the nickname "Big Ugly" because it comes from a tree-bush-thing that used to be in our front yard that Zack ever so fondly named "Big Ugly."  I turned out rather lovely I think.

While working on attaching the tendrils to the root, I found that the longest tendril could be used (I was worried about the weight and it not maintaining it's shape) with the support of a part of a branch that it conveniently warps around.  I was unsure how to attach it at first.  Glue would look icky, it dawned on me that I could drill holes to stitch it to the branch stub.  I am so excited that I found the tiniest of drill bits that went well with my beading needle:

This photo was hard to get, but you can see the thread between the wood and beads:

And...pulled tight!

I finished Uprooted 2 on Wednesday giving me Thursday to focus on Uprooted 3: Growth

I've still got plenty of work on finishing the roots and I'm on to the third tendril.  I was thinking this piece may have 3-5 tendrils, we'll see where it goes.

Uprooted 1, 2 and 3

Reception set up.

She Can't See the Forest through the Trees, on the wall. 
Not as impressive as how it's supposed to be hung, but its a good piece that shows the depth of my work. 

Janet and Mark hosted a lovely reception in the Studio/Apartment that I had been working in.  I was happy to talk to other artists in their area.  Also, my parents, brother and niece all came by too!  Thank you everyone who attended and have been following along with my work.  This weekend I will be continuing to bead tendrils, I haven't started a good set up for the sanding yet.  I'm thinking outside is a good spot though.

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