Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Uprooted 1: Finishing Touches

Now that the tendrils have been set, the wood has been oiled and waxed, I get to address the final embellishments for "Uprooted 1"  It's exciting because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and have the wonderful scent of the walnut oil and wax finish in the air and clutching on to my hands as I work.

I had asked local woodworker/artist, Tom Cannon how he finishes his bowls without stain and varnish, just to keep the piece looking natural and he suggested a walnut oil and wax rub.  I looked up ways to make it, but decided that after collecting to ingrdients and taking the time to mix it up, it was faster and easier for me to order it.  I found and ordered the oil/wax combo.  I'm exremely happy with the outcome. You can find his finishes here.

As I was addressing where to put individual bead accents into parts of the root, it seemed like it was missing something.  There are two areas that needed tendrils "growing" out of them also.  They are much smaller than the original tendrils, and I've gotten a bit quicker at beading these shapes so here I go into 2 more.  They should take 30 hours or less to get done.

Let the countdown begin.  I swear I will get this piece done soon to have photographed and put on my postcard/exhibit promotion!

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