Friday, January 11, 2013

Forest through the Leaves: part 8, Leaf Panel


As it turns out, stitching leaves together always takes about five times longer than I think it will in my head.  I've spent over 25 hours sewing this panel together, I cannot even begin to fathom how long all of the leaves took me to make! (ok, 30-45 minutes per leaf x just over 120 leaves is approximately 90+ hours....and I've been hard on myself for slacking.)  It's a good thing that I love to do detailed work. I'm not even close to being sick of making leaves. Rather, I have even more leaf panel designs floating around in mind and my sketchbook.

This panel is made up two different leaf-techniques.  The first is the Russian Beaded Leaf that you see in so many of my jewelry designs.  The second leaf is a new exploration for me, with my handwoven remnants cut and stitched on my sewing machine for the leaf detail.  

The white background doesn't give this panel justice.  I stained the dowel that I'm going to attach it to this morning, so it will soon be hanging free and open.  You'll have to come to my exhibit in March/April to get a good look at it. 

This activity is made possible in part by a
grant from the
Arts Council of Greater Lansing


Rebecca Mezoff said...

This is beautiful! Sort of like tapestry but with beads... and probably way cooler. Take some good photos of it hanging for us all!

Jenny Schu said...

Rebecca, are you suggesting I start in on gradation with this too? ;)
It's actually a ton of piecing. I'm looking forward to getting back on the tapestry loom though!

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