Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ornament for the Arts Council Tree

Valley Yarns posted this free pattern on Webs Yarn website for a knit star and I've fallen in love with it (I've knitted a few while knitting on the elliptical so far).  So I already had the base together when the Art Council of Greater Lansing emailed out that they needed ornaments.

I finished this little guy today and dropped it off  to go get into the holiday spirit.

Happy Holidays! And thank you to the Arts Council of greater Lansing for a wonderful Holiday Glitter event last night!


Rebecca Mezoff said...

Oh that is sweet. I might have to make one this year. I love the beads you added. Last year I knitted little elf socks... maybe a star would be good this year. Not that I have a tree, but other people do.

JennySchu. said...

I've made little socks before, I think these stars are a little more fun to knit. I try to make a new ornament every year for family member's tree, I don't think I ever end up with one of my own. So I guess it's nice to go visit them :)
(We might get out tree up, however, Zack let me leave the giant spider web up in the living room and I'm going to hang ornaments off of it, yessss Halloween extended!)

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