Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sneak Peek: Holiday Jewelry for Lansing Art Gallery

Leafy Clasp Bracelet $85
I think I'm moving a million miles an hour this morning.  Laundry in, repaired shoes picked up, photos of all black/gunmetal jewelry taken, edited and uploaded to blog, pack things to work on at the Gallery today including, but not limited to: making invites, winding the next warp, blog update (check), make more leaves.... and it's only 12:30 in the afternoon.
I also had a lovely conversation on the phone with Liz who has been perusing my website for gifts and ideas.

Leafy Clasp Bracelet (closed)
The photos today are for a grouping that I have been working on for the Lansing Art Gallery for the upcoming holiday season.  I know we haven't hit Halloween yet (another thing on my to-do list, make my costume!), but I have a few shows coming up that I need to have stock for, on top of stock for both Grove and Lansing Art Gallery.

Three Leaf Hairclip $60

(back of hairclip)
I decided with Sara at LAG that my base for the Lansing Art Gallery will be black/gunmetal pieces.  I'm planning on accenting these with some blues and greens.  Currently, I'm about done looking at just the black gunmetal palette, so I need to switch gears and beads that I carry around with me.

Netting Bracelet with Glass Pear Accents $75.00

Cluster Earrings $75.00
Look for these pieces at the Lansing Art Gallery in late October/November!!

Daphne variation with dripping chandelier centerpiece $150.00
2 Leaf Pendant $45.00
2 Leaf Pendant (other side)


gail bart said...

Love your new creations, Jenny! How big are the bracelets and how long is the necklace? gail bartkowski

Jenny Schu said...

Hey Gail! I emailed you last night with sizes! :)

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