Friday, March 2, 2012

Goldfinch Feather Bangle

After creating my peacock feather bangle (a number of years ago now), I thought it would be fun to work with some other feathers.  The yellow/black/grey combination has been so popular that I decided to go with a goldfinch feather for starters (but I do have some other Michigan birds in mind too!)

This style of design tends to take a while to draft.  My usual process involves a 4 or 2 pattern repeat, but not with the feather bangle. This particular bangle is a bit smaller than my "standard" size, maybe I wasn't counting correctly, but I think I was having problems with the proportions of this design at one point and just made it a few beads smaller.  I wanted this to come out narrower than the peacock feather, so I had to dumb down the design (I love to put in too much detail), and this is the outcome.

The lines are cleaner and it has more of a "color blocking" look to it, which I am really enjoying.  I'll be wearing it this Sunday at Grove Gallery's Opening Reception for Jennifer Gould.  So if you find yourself in downtown East Lansing on Sunday, stop by for treats from 12-4!

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