Monday, December 19, 2011

The End of a big Nymo Spool

Last week, I did it.  I finished off my very first big spool of size D Nymo beading thread.  I purchased my first large spool in 2005.  I was beading more and more, constantly running out of the tiny spools so I decided to get the big spool.  3 ounces, approximately 1,584 yards.  If you like using nymo, I do encourage people to get the large spool because the thread is actually stronger than the small spools.  I only use black and white thread when I bead, but they have started making this size spool in more colors.


Jessie said...

I am glad to hear they are putting these large spools out in other colors. I use the large spool for black but I usually use c-lon for colors because it is stronger than the nymo and I love color!

JennySchu. said...

Jessie, I just noticed that they are offering the big spools in colors on I'm thinking about getting slme to offer other colors to my workshoppers.

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