Saturday, November 19, 2011

Geometric Holiday Bangle

We have a few holiday events to attend and I usually get a fun new cocktail dress that goes into a rotation with all the others.  This year's is from Jeanologie in downtown East Lansing.  I have really been into red this fall, which is a color I normally loathe, but I'm completely smitten with it right now!  The dress has some interesting angles and a tiny bit of texture. It is a simple, fitted, strapless design and I wanted to make a bangle that would mimic the angles of the dress.

Below is the dress on my form in the basement (sorry for the unflattering picture):

I thought about putting some LEDs into this bracelet design, and I still might dabble with that and place an on-off switch on the interior of this bangle.  BUT.  I used a matte delica seed bead for this piece as the main black and they break very easily.  I wouldn't try to force these beads to take any more thread and especially conductive thread.  

Thanks Michelle! (at Jeanologie)

You can also purchase this piece from my Etsy shop HERE.

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