Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here's for the Wolverines

I've never been much into "sports" per se, but the longer I live in a Big Ten college town and the amount of anti-Michigan stuff that was hanging around two weeks before U of M vs MSU, I had a little Wolverine spirit well up in me.

I painted my toes alternating Maize and Blue, and I started in on my first-ever team-based beaded piece. It doesn't have the block M on it or anything, but it's just a little comment that notes my pride of going to such a wonderful Art School. I'm sure my professor is cringing a little since we were instructed in the very beginning that this was art school, we weren't making team paraphernalia.

So, here's my little bead-mix for one of my basic bangle designs. I also feel ok about it because some of the color forecasting for this fall is putting these exact colors together in pieces. I have to say, I was sad that University of Michigan lost the football game.

(I'm still trying to figure out my tripod...excuse the blur.)

1 comment:

hellolani32 said...

Awesome! Yes, you should wear your Michigan pride out there in the Sparty Land! Go girl! and Go Blue!

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