Monday, September 26, 2011

Purple and Black Double Leaf Pendant with Cluster Earrings

I have been on a roll making pendants and earrings I suppose.  Larger projects are a bit intimidating since I have cut back on the amount of beading I am doing (I have a "mass" on the top of my hand that looks like a ganglion cyst but the doctor says he thinks it's in the tendon.  I'm calling it a "beading bump" since I'm guessing it might have something to do with that.)
So here's yet another variation of a pendant with only 2 leaves. And the pair of earrings to match.  I really like the thin dangle at the bottom of these earrings.


Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful! Do you teach? or give instruction on how to use that style?

Jenny Schu said...

Yes, I do teach. However, I teach the russian leaf only. These earrings and pendants are difficult to copy completely, therefor the workshop is for a pair of single-leaf earrings.

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