Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Wide Open Bangle

The idea for this particular bangle came from the Blue Wave Diode Bangle in where I used a beaded netting as a base to weave the conductive thread  and LED lights in and out of it.  This green piece began with that same thought process, but as it was coming together, I just didn't want to start putting more "stuff" into it.  It may be that I just wanted the piece done, or it was part of my cleanup of the aftermath of MLH.  I just plunked down with it, noticed the green leaf accent beads that were sitting out and thought "that'll work."

I like the way it turned out.  Sometimes I have a hard time simplifying my designs so I guess being drained this week was a good thing :)

The outside edges of this piece is a green with some rainbow shine which is also accented through the netting.  The main color in the netting is a grey/purple/rainbow tiny seed bead.  The leaf accents have a shiny gold flake on the back side of them.

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