Saturday, August 27, 2011

3 Leaf Pendant Variation

I made a new pair of green cluster earring this week and I have been trying to pair things with earring and a bracelet or necklace to help with my color grouping a little.  So these earrings came first, but then I started in on a pendant that ended up surprising me.

Sometime last year Deb at our gallery asked me to design a leaf pendant for her.  She is really creative and explained to me exactly what she was thinking when she described a beaded leaf pendant with three leaves.  Hence, the "3 Leaf Pendant" was produced and they have been a very good seller for me. 

As I started in on another pendant, the leaves that I wanted to put together didn't look right hanging symmetrical.  So after some arranging I stitched them together askew and added some accent beads where I thought the gaps were.  I love this new design and hope that you do too!

The Earrings are for sale on my website here:
and the Pendant can be found for sale here:

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