Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beaded Flower Hair Piece

Funky fancy hair pieces have been in for a while, and I keep getting requests for them, but never any actual orders.  As much as I am happy to do commissions, I really prefer to make things that I would wear, since I am my own biggest promoter.  I am generally wearing something that I made when I am out of the house. So it has taken me a long time to get into the idea of working with this trend, and I think I may have missed the boat on it.  The single flowers seem to be getting bigger and heading toward facinators, but I have had these little hair clips and am jumping into trying them out, finally.

Part of the reason I got inspired to do this little hair flower is that I feel I have finally have mastered the Russian leaf and the variations that I learned from the class I took with Huib Petersen in 2010. (See blog "Beadweaving with Huib Petersen")  I now need to move on from the individual petals/leaves over to seamlessly connecting them to create even more dimension.

I have in now way mastered the combination, and I prefer to do things from memory and experimentation so it will take a bit. I am pretty happy how this first one tired out since I have not really addressed the pattern since the class.  I finished it while I was at the Soup Spoon Cafe post-lunch meeting!

This piece is approximately 2.75 in x 2.75in x .5 in.  The clip is about 1 in x .5 in.  I chose this particular clip because it will actually stay in my very thin hair rather then messing with a hair comb!  This size will be running around $65

Note: I did purchase an adorable hair flower in for a dinner party last year which was perfect from Pixel & Hank.  They're very cute, reasonably priced and a Michigan crafter!  I just had a hard time making one myself!

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