Thursday, May 26, 2011

Netting and Pearls Bracelet

While we were in Washinton state in April, Zack had a business meeting so I had him leave me in Bellvue to hang out and bead or see the sights.  I stayed at a Starbucks for a while, finishing some earrings and mulling over making a bracelet that wouldn't compete with the Orange dress.

I'm sure this is a beading pattern from somewhere but it's sunk so far in my memory that who knows where it resurfaced from.  I was using tiny 15/0 orange beads and some white delicas for accents and directional beads.  When it came to figure out how to clasp it together, it turned out that the swarovki pearls that I had brought with me popped through the netting for the perfect made-to-fit clasp.  It was really just fate that brought this piece together.

It was perfect for the wedding that we went to and it also helped me solve a problem I was having with the Blue Wave Diode Bangle.  I needed a structure for the center of the piece, so I used this same netting pattern in silver lined clear seed beads with blue accent delicas.  I love how it turned out structurally for that piece and also the way the blue light bounces into the clear beads and spreads.

Definitly expect some more colors in this piece, it's simple looking but rather elegant with any outfit.

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