Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh so Orange

I'm not sure if I just like all colors and am exploring them one by one or if I'm seeing a lot of orange coming for spring and I want in.  I partly blame the J. Crew catalog, and a new dress I couldn't pass up from Le  French Bulldog in Bellaire, MI.  I am now the proud owner of a tangerine/neon orange Jax dress.  I have been plotting new geometric designs to compliment this dress and I have already found the prefect cream pumps.  In the meantime though I have been dabbling with some orange beads and noticing that I need a wider array of orange options in my bead stash.

These pieces I have been playing with have made it over to the Grove Gallery display case for the time being, but will make a 1-day appearance at the Ann Arbor Fiberart Guild's annual Spring fashion show, Fiber Feast.  I'm taking a small hiatus on making stock at the moment due to learning about eTextiles and integrating conductive thread and LED lights into my beadwork.

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