Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Update

Ack!  I didn't even blog in February!!!

The beginning of February was crazy-busy-awesome for me.  February 1st brought a nice jewelry sale over at the Soup Spoon Cafe right as snow-pocolypse began to come down.  Thank you to everyone for coming out and enjoying food and drinks over at the Spoon!  Then we cleaned the house (pushing all bead-messes into the guest bedroom) for a bridal shower at my place for an old high school friend on the 5th.  February 6th held my first beadweaving workshop over at Nonpareil in Ann Arbor with four great students and I wound down with a delicious dinner at Arbor Brewing Company.  My end of February held some unpleasant surprises but I managed to get my vacation in to Colorado to visit friends and do some skiing. I also met the fabulous Lynne Bruning for an hour or two, there will be more to come on that connection!

I have been managing to bead weekly and throughout my trip, but it seems that things are selling pretty quickly too!  I want to get a blue-green themed case together for the Grove Gallery Co-op this week.  I always am thinking of green popping through the snow and brightening the dreary days of winter this time of year.  Last night at the Greater Lansing Weaver's Guild meeting I won a philodendron as a door prize which I am pretty excited to add to my house plant collection.  Just a little more inspiration to add to my life!

Coming up I am planning on giving a beading workshop in the Lansing area as I have had some requests as of late.  Please feel free to contact me if you are interested and I can keep you updated.  I am also working on a follow-up to my Beadweaving Peyote Stitch class on how to design your own bracelets which I will get together to teach in both Ann Arbor and Lansing.  Events on the table are:

Fiberfeast with the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild, April 16, 2010 (I believe tickets are $28.00 and they go fast)

East Lansing Art Festival is May 21st & 22nd, I will be hanging out at the Grove Gallery Co-op during the downtown festivities.

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