Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eTextiles: Beaded Battery Holder

I finished my beaded battery holder this morning and of course needed to test it out.  I started with conductive thread, the holder, my 3Volt battery sparkle and a size 10 beading needle.

I made large knots in the conductive thread and threaded them into the inside and the tail of the thread out of the holder as seen below:

My first try there was no light, so I took it apart and tried it with just the thread, battery and sparkle,

that worked, so I ended up making my knots that needed to be hitting the battery much larger.  It seems to be working well!

Next step is to work on the frame of the bangle design and mull over how the lights will be intergrated into it. 


Cheryl said...

Hi, I saw you on the Global E Textile Hacker meet up! Beautiful battery holder!

Jenny Schu said...

Hi Cheryl, Thanks! I can tell this is going to be a learning process for me so any suggestions/critiques are welcome!

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