Thursday, December 10, 2009

Knitting and Beading Abound

The November/December Holiday Sales are over and I am taking a breather from tagging, packing, picking up, driving, inventories, re-tagging, unpacking, forgetting displays and running to the bank for change.

I have finally knit a SOCK! Actually it's a stocking so there's little pressure on making sure it fits.  And I have knit two, but I my first one I'm not in love with and I wasn't paying attention to the pattern when I was supposed to be decreasing after the heel.  It may pose as Danielle's stocking though and it looks good over the fireplace.  Can you guess which one was the first one??

There is snow on the ground, and my fall leaves themed bracelet has been re-started after I didn't like the lime green I originally had in the pattern.  I am finding that my non-repeat pattern bangles take MUCH longer.  But the up-side to it is when I go off-pattern or decide I don't like two beads that are next to each other I don't have to go and rip out two rows to correct it.  It ends up so small I can simply change the original color and blend the "mistake" in.  I think this one is going to have a lot of personality as it takes a life of its own.  I have this and one other bangle to make, then I am free to begin my venture into Precious Metal Clay (PMC)!
Look out 2010, there's going to be some changes made to the bangles in my next line!

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