Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Stockings!

I have been knitting knitting knitting this winter.  I think that I partially blame Ravelry for tons of patterns and and Addi knitting needles and how much faster I knit on them.  But with more knitting, I have in general become a faster knitter.  Check out this Addi Commercial for a funny example of just how much faster you can knit with them! :)

I was intimidated by knitting socks sometime in Middle School, the double pointed needles, the heel turn, I gave up.  So this year I decided to make Zack and I new Christmas Stockings to hang by our fire.  You have seen my finished one, so here's Zack's.  I also am doing these cute mini stocking ornaments!  You can check the pattern out on Everwhelming Liz's Blog.  It was posted on Ravelry.com also.   They're SO CUTE! 

Thanks to the mini stocking I have officially learned "kitchenering" (where you join the toe on a sock).  The directions for the large stocking just said "close the toe."  You can find out how to Kitchener HERE.  I have also knit golf club covers (thank's to Laurie's idea and link on Ravelry).  The green and white is not for me obviously.

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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Linda Lynch said...

Nice socks! And the commercial is great. I do like knitting on circular needles. In fact, I always end up modifying sweater patterns so I can just knit around!

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