Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Addition to my Fall/Winter line...

I've been a very productive beader lately and I thought I'd share my newest design. I'm partially focusing on a color theme and hope to edge into some "bigger is better" designs, but I like to keep up the smaller ones for affordability.

I'm calling this new one "Hive 1." I can already see the bee-hive hexagons becoming a trend in some of my upcoming doodles-turned-beadwork, and this will bee the beeginning. :)

The tan color in this piece was originally ordered for the wine glasses that I made for the Guild Exhibit this past August and I fell in love with it. I had to order more and had to make a design that I could utilize it in. It has a faint gold essence to it which made me wander to one of my traditional inspirations: honey bees and their hives. Long story short- my father has kept bee hives since I was little and I love them. I even used this subject matter as my final project/piece in my "Science Art and Spirituality" class in college. It's no surprise that the honeycomb applies so well to peyote stitch.

I hope you love this new one as much as I do, I'm even making earrings to match!
(I apologize for the lousy lighting in these, I'll get better ones...I was just so excited about getting this one out and showing it!)

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