Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greater Lansing Weaver's Guild: Michigan League of Handweaver's Guild Exhibit!

The Michigan League of Handweavers Conference this year had their Guild Exhibits. I was excited to see ours come together in full! The theme was "Golden Reflections" as it is the League's 50th Anniversary.

Karen East came up with the idea of "setting the table" for a celebration! We had picked a handful of specific colors and each weaver involved was weaving something for the table setting. The only requirement is that the colors be broken down via the "Golden Rule" (5/8ths to 3/8ths), the larger portion of the low-lying table items to be in the neutral and golds. The pieces that rise up from the table are to be the opposite, where the larger portion of color is to be the jeweltone.

I worked on bringing pieces up off of the table. Beaded wine glass stems, napkin rings and a last-minute wine bottle lable as to not take away from the table setting but to let the viewer know what Guild's exhibit it was.

Unfortunatly, I did not get any pictures with the lighting pointing correctly on our work, but hopefully someone did!
A HUGE thanks to our weavers!
Marie – place mats & table runner
Sue - tea cozy
Leslie– table runner and placemats
Elaine – placemats
Rose – two towels
Kathy – napkins
Karen - placemats

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