Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Two New Pairs of Cluster Earrings, Blizzard and Leaves

As much as I keep thinking and saying that I'm going to slow down on making jewelry, I have been making a few pieces that I personally love and have been wearing quite a bit.  Which is the jewelry that I want to be making, if making any at all.  The above snowflake Blizzard Cluster earrings are large, bold, super-sparkly and fun to wear.  They have 3 snowflakes each and swarovski crystals for extra shine.  

I keep selling my favorite style of earrings that I make, they are tedious to put together, but are great to wear, so I am going to focus on making more leaf cluster earrings in different colors. I'm choosing to work on these rather than making small earring to have a smaller price point that are hit or miss if I even like them not less if they're going to sell just because they're cheaper. 

These latest cluster leaf earrings have 4 tiny leaves each (rather than the usual 3).  They're a bit more bulked up and more like what I want to be doing with my jewelry. 

I'm also pleased to announce that after showing my work in "Woven Together: The Influence of Sherri Smith" the Crooked Tree Arts Center in Petoskey asked to carry my jewelry in their shop.  So my artwork can also be found there now.  Crooked Tree is a wonderful space and I encourage anyone up there to go check it out.

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