Monday, June 15, 2015

Anything Can Happen from here...

My life has been in quite the upheaval over the past 5-6 months with my divorce, couch-surfing, packing, closing on a house (finally) and moving.  I like to do things on my own, so the packing and hauling boxes got overwhelming over time.  Thank you to my family and the friends that helped me in this process. Even the 1 extra load of boxes and things here and there were a huge help, probably mentally the most, but I have physically exhausted too.  I hate being back in the old house at all.  So not having to be there alone is huge.

The new house is very exciting.  I have a large back yard that I'm excited to start gardening and playing in a yard again (I got my custom-made hula hoop last night!).  I'm even looking around at potential tree-fort trees...anything can happen.

I'm so inspired to get back into my artwork which has suffered for the past year (the making-of, not the exhibiting) I was only comfortable and free enough to work solid at Blueberry View Artist's Retreat, part of me wants badly to go back.  I'll connect with Janet and Mark as soon as I'm back down that way though.

I know I have a ton of work to do and lots of clean-up inside and outside the house.  But for now, mowing my big yard is meditative.  I'm starting to meet my neighbors and I find new things all the time, peonies are hiding in the back corner of the lot, old toys and sketchbooks coming out of hiding, clothing from high school that fits again.  Not only have I kept the weight off for the most-part after Japan, I have bicep muscles that I can flex from all the box-moving, I'm getting back to some yoga, have discovered hula-hooping is a work-out and I can't stop smiling.

In addition, Danielle is relaxed (except for one major incident that I won't call her out on, I expected worse anyway), and we have a new addition to our little family, I've adopted my friend's yellow-bellied slider who now lives in my office.

Danielle has made herself at home.

Crush lives in his tank.

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