Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ILLINI Bangle Bracelet

A while ago apparently I posted on Facebook that I wasn't making additional block M bangles, really it meant that I wasn't going to make a bunch to keep in stock, but I always love to do a commission.  A friend asked me about it and I told her I'd be happy to make her an MSU bangle, as we talked, she realized that I'm flexible, she's really, truly, an Illinois fan. 

So I pulled a bunch of bead options after looking up the colors and we narrowed down the blue and orange.  I picked contrasting finishes on the beads to add some pop and got to work on her piece.  I had drafted two different options for the lettering and she immediately picked the above design.

I love how excited she is about this bangle.  Plus we'll get together and chat over wine.  Lets make commissions fun!

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