Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Bead Store: Bead Haven

Merry Christmas from Danielle! 

At the end of November Zack and I were having a slow Sunday and weren't really up for doing a house project so I suggested going to Frankenmuth.  I haven't been over there since we went hunting for a nativity set back in 2006 and I keep hearing about a fabulous bead store there.  Frankenmuth is the place where us Michiganders go to see "Bronner's Christmas Wonderland". If you need something Christmas-related, it's, well, a sight to see.  When we first drove into town the place was nuts, so we decided to hit the bead store and have a traditional family style German chicken dinner first.

Me and Zack in Frankenmuth
(there's a cute covered bridge behind us)

Bead Haven is the bead store and the rumors are true!  Being someone who is specifically looking for seed beads, an entire room of tubes and baggies of seed beads covering the walls is very exciting.  I really didn't need any more beads, but I have had a color palette for spring floating around in my head so I purchased a few tubes for that and some filler of a specific purple shade that I am low on (tubes below).  You can see that I bought two tubes of a greenish turquoise seed bead.  I had originally bought this seed bead in Marquette at Bella Beads  on my way to the Porkies and I used almost the whole tube while I was living in Dan's cabin. So I was happy that Bead Haven (a mere hour away rather than 6-7 hours away) carries Toho, which I don't usually order (I lean towards Miyuki seed beads).

I also have to say that Bead Haven not only is a really put-together store (with lots of room so you're not bumping into other shoppers and knocking beads off of displays) but their website is pretty thorough, beware, it could be dangerous.

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and hopefully there is beads or yarn or your favorite fiber involved! 

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