Monday, October 6, 2014

Japan Vacation: Ending in Tokyo

We ended our last four days in Tokyo after our Japan Rail Pass was expired. There's lots to see still and we did lots of walking.

Fake-lace chain link, but still cool (the design was hooked in separate)

Window displays appreciating skeins

hovering flower window display

Traditional dress in front of Tiffany's

Heading out, we found a dance club! 

(pre-dance club)

Walking around the next day, I love the clean colors in Tokyo.

Outside the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

I bought a book of this painter, LOVE his animals.

The floor of the museum, I couldn't help it, I'm inspired by the inlay.

Beautiful gold foiled panels.

So much anime in Electronic Town, this was a bunch of girls dressed as characters, it was in an outdoor expo sort of area.

Back to Ueno park, we hit the Zoo.

Subway art.

Characters decorating parking meters.

Tokyo Dome

Golden Gai.

So long Tokyo, until we meet again.

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cl said...

thanks , I enjoyed your travel 's report
Christiane, French beader

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