Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pheonix Feather (Peacock Feather in Red/Purple)

Phoenix Feather Bangle $320
Where to start...
My Peacock feather design originally came about a number of years ago based on a request from my customer Sally.  She has come up with some great ideas (including the leopard print bangle).  Due to the amount of detail I wanted to include in the design it turned out pretty large.  Sally has the original Peacock Feather Bangle in greens, I made another one (in greens, slightly different) and it sold this year through the Lansing Art Gallery.
I have been bouncing around making a Phoenix feather and an albino one.  Since I've been into reds lately I went with the Phoenix Feather idea.

Because this piece doesn't repeat at all, and all of the edging, it takes me long enough to where I lost count of the hours...again.  You can see this piece right now in person at Grove Gallery.  I have switched the case to reds/purples for fall.  This could change, so pay attention to my updates!


Kana Sofer said...

I ran across your peacock feather on Pinterest and must say I'm in love. I wondered if you've considered selling a pattern. It is the best peacock feather design I have seen in 20+ years of doing beadwork and would really like to make one myself. If you've considered pattern sales could you let me know how to make such a purchase and at what cost. I would be delighted if you'd consider this option whether a downloadable file or a "snail-mail" printed pattern. Again, it's simply the best I've seen.
Thank You,

Jenny Schu said...

Thank you for you interest in my beadwork. At this time I do not sell my patterns. If I ever do I'll make sure to keep you in mind.

Debbee Stone said...

If you ever decide to sell your patterns I would love to know. The peacock feather is amazing. Since I turned 60 the phoenix has become my symbol and I would love to make it in the phoenix colors. -Debbee

Jenny Schu said...

Debbee, I'm glad you like my pattern, I'm not sure I'll ever actually get around to selling my patterns, they would be a bear to clean up to follow and trying to do directions on top of it would be very difficult.

Rene said...

I LOVE your peacock feather design and would LOVE to buy your pattern. You wouldn't need directions. Just sell your chart. Thank you for considering this. Rene