Friday, June 8, 2012

Bright Fringe Necklace

I designed a new necklace.  It has been in my head for a little bit, but I wasn't sure how to finish it, then the fringe came.  I usually don't like to make fringe, or any kind of bead-stringing for that matter.  But for a fresh design, I think I can handle 10 short stands.  I think I have been noticing a ton of fringe out right now too.

The entire necklace is #11 glass seed beads except the bottom fringe accent beads are #6 seed beads with freshwater pearls on either end of them.  The clasp in the back is a druzy-looking spherical box clasp that is sterling silver plated.

This really came to be, because I bought a new pencil skirt from J. Crew in a hideously bright color, so I thought I needed a piece of jewelry to go with it.  I had beads in said-hideously-bright-color.  This color is somewhere between Pantone's "Tangerine Tango" and what I might call an 80's neon red, or maybe a bright watermelon.

I was pretty sure that this would be one of those pieces that had to grow on me, but I immediately liked it when it was finished and I put it on.  So much so, I had to take pictures of me wearing it (see above) and I rarely like to take photos of myself.  So enjoy, and if you're coming out to my June 15th Trunk Show at the Lansing Art Gallery, I'll be wearing it with the skirt that inspired it., and would love to hear your reaction to it (should I make another one??)

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WonderWhyGal said...

I really like the necklace. It's not my style but with the right outfit, it would be the perfect piece to step outside of the norm. Beautiful work.

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