Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beadwork, new designs for 2011

This summer I got a kick in the pants from my favorite hat guys, Rod and Ignatius (Ignatius Hats) while I was wandering around the Ann Arbor Art Fair.  Since I did the fair as an Emerging Artist in 2004, I have only participated with the Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild and renting street space from the pizza place I worked at in college, New York Pizza Depot. 
It seems that some people are sick of me not having my own booth space.
I have applied in the past (only to 1 of the 4 Fairs that go on at this time), but my work and slides were just ok. So I have come up with a plan. 
I'm going to apologize if my stock for Holiday this year is suffering, or you aren't seeing too many new items.  My beadwork is taking a major shift.  Instead of just working in graphing and peyote-stitching my bangles, I have begun integrating different beading techniques and more than just the delica-seed-bead-bangle that I am known for.
I think the bangle bracelet is still my favorite form, but I'm pushing it.  I also recently purchased a dress form to work on piecing beaded necklaces together on.  The goal is to have 5 amazing pieces that I can then get professionally photographed and entered into the Original Street Art Fair by January.  If you don't see much of me, or I have my beads out while you're around me, I'm not being rude, I just need to get this done.
I'm sure you have seen my recent "Leaves Between Bangles" which will be one (or two) of the pieces entered.  I am working on a larger bangle that is woven together with the stitch I  have been using for the lariat necklaces, here is it's almost-final stage (I am going to order some fun accent beads for it!).

The peacock bangle will be another piece, but in slightly different colors than before, with possibly some bugle bead accents.

I am in the midst of a new inspired graphed piece that is larger (in width and diameter) that I am also really excited about.  If you're following me on twitter, you got a sneak peek on Thanksgiving weekend.  It will be getting it's own blog, look for "Bamboozled" as the name of the piece (I think anyway).

The necklaces are still rolling around in my head and on paper so expect more to come when the bangles are done.  Since the bangles are solidified as what I am doing, then I will have a better idea of what colors and beads to use with the necklace designs so that the grouping looks cohesive.

This is a really fun project for me, it's just the deadline that's killing me, and trying to make the pieces look cohesive, the way in which I work and am inspired never bodes really well as a "set."  We shall see how I do.  Any comments, critiques, suggestions would be appreciated and taken into consideration!


lynne said...

powerful positive prosperous vibes for your goal setting. No apologies needed, but please remember to let us share in your grand success when you are accepted to *all* the shows! now you - yes you - get back to work!

JennySchu. said...

Thank you Lynne!!!! Back to work for me (and I will update when I get in!)

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