Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have you heard about Jeanologie XX/XY Boutique?

New to East Lansing's growing collection of locally owned stores and boutiques: Jeanologie

Located on M.A.C. Avenue around the corner from Mad Eagle and Lou & Harry's. 

Michelle has asked me to make some jewelry to go with the styles that she is currently showing in her store.  This is going to be a fun side project for me.  Some things will be far more simple than what you have been seeing from me lately.  I did start to cross over to that "more simple" line by beginning to make a necklace geared toward sterling silver chain.

Here is what I dropped off to Michelle today:

I'm sorry about the lousy picture that's laid out on top of her glass case.  She also has other fun jewelry so I won't  have to be stocking her store as a full time business and have time to play with my larger beaded blob (pictures to come!). 

So now I will be adding some bling!  Look out for swavorski crystals, glass pearls and a bit more simple color arrangements.

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