Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Beading!

Today is my birthday, and also the anniversary of reciving my first bead loom...20 years ago.  I started to work on a project on the loom, but as a 4th grader had a hard time understanding just how to take the piece off and make it into a finished bracelet.  So there it sat, and next to it sat a pie-crust-tin-full of seed beads.  That tin of seed beads inspired me to start stringing beads, which I must admit, has never been my favorite thing.  My mother bought me the best bead book ever: "Native American Beadweaving" and in it had the pattern for a little beaded indian doll.  These tiny dolls were where I began teaching myself the peyote stitch.  Weaving each bead together one at a time seemed to grab me much quicker than lining them up on a string.  Those little Indian dolls are 11 beads around.  My bangle bracelets that I now make are about 160 beads around, with nicer beads.  :)
I still dabble on the bead loom, and only in the past year have I began to take an interest in stitches other than the peyote stitch.  I love the Russian Leaf stitch, and I have grown quite passionate about the St. Petersburg Russian Chain stitch with tiny little 15/0 beads.
Tomorrow I am taking my first bead workshop ever.  I have always been persistent on training myself with my beads, but I'm taking a leap and hope that I can learn from another long time beader and fashion artist, Huib Petersen.  I have to admit, I haven't been that inspired by Herringbone Stitch since I have taught myself this month, but I figure this will open new doors. 
2010, look out for great new bead designs to come! (Including beaded blob accents that are in the works!)


Kristine Campbell said...

Happy birthday! Hope it's a fun day!

Shaina said...

Happy birthday, Jenny! You look great!

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