Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grove Gallery Co-op Holiday Opening!

We will be pumping out our holiday cheer this 2009 Holiday season by sharing our artist firends with everyone!  We have guest artists coming to Grove Gallery Co-op for a change of pace!

Check out:
Kelly Boyle-Silk Screen
Anita Brett-Watercolor
Marlene Cameron-Dyed Silks
Roger Funk-Photography (past Featured Gallery Artist)
Tom Cannon-Wooden Bowls
Marie Gile-Fiber Art and Jewelry
Jesse Hornberger-Artistic Welding (past Featured Gallery Artist)
Barb Whitney- Painting and Mixed Media (future Featured Gallery Artist)
Jon Whitney-Pottery (future Featured Gallery Artist)

Also our permanant artists are working on some new pieces and some great holiday gifts.  They include:
MargaBeth Cibulka-Fused Glass
Katherine Erickson-Painting
Gretel Geist Rutledge-Printing
Deborah Cholewicki-Art Baskets and Wall Pieces
Jillian Stapleton-Mixed Media
Amy Burns-Pottery
Martha Brownscombe-Fiber Art
Sharan Egan-Fiber Art
Caroline Martin-Watercolor
Jenny Schu. (me!)-Beadwork and textiles

I have been making ornaments for our front window to sparkle the holiday!

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